Australia welcomes workers through new visa programme

In order to attract migrants to areas outside the major cities of Australia, the Australian Government established a new visa programme – the Northern Territory Designated Area Migration Agreement (NT DAMA). This agreement applies to the whole Northern Territory of Australia and its aim is to increase the number of people in this area and to boost the local economy. The new visa agreement includes significant changes in the criteria regarding skills and knowledge of English language which will help bring more overseas workers and contribute to the development of this poorly populated area of Australia.

 Why should you study in AU


There are great advantages of studying in Australia and having a student visa for Australia. Not only are you able to study in Australia and gain a new life experience, but student visa for Australia also gives you the opportunity to work up to 40 hours in the period of two weeks, and working unlimited period of time during breaks.

With a student visa for Australia, you are also allowed to travel outside Australia and visit surrounding countries if you wish, and return as many times as you want while the visa is still valid.

Students from all over the world study in Australia and it is very easy to get in touch with people from different cultures. Understanding different cultures, and in particular live and work in a multicultural environment, contributes to broadening the views, acquiring tolerance and learning intercultural communication. All these aspects are very important for further personal and professional growth of each individual.

You can also bring members of your family to Australia, by including them in your application or adding them at a later stage.


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