New Talent Visa Program for Australia

New Talent Visa Program for Australia

Australian Government launched three new programs: Global Talent Independent Program, Global Talent Employer Sponsored Program and Supporting Innovation in Australia, to attract talented people from around the world to Australia. The role of innovation programs is to strengthen the economy and boost the prosperity of the country. In this article we will tell you more about Global Talent Independent Program that is active since November 2019.

What is the Global Talent Independent Program?

Global Talent is an independent visa program and is a unique opportunity for highly skilled and talented people to work and live permanently in Australia.

In this way, innovation is promoted and business opportunities are created. Global Talent Officers have been deployed to promote the program in several cities around the world, such as Berlin, Dubai, New Delhi, Santiago, Shanghai, Singapore and Washington that are also attending major industry events and exhibitions promoting the program, which does not mean that only candidates from the cities listed above can apply.

They also collaborate with Australian universities, industries, different government organisations, etc. to attract talent around the world.

See all the events and cities in which the Global Talent Team will be present at: and

Seven target industry sectors

There are seven target industry sectors:

  • Agricultural Technology (Ag Tech) – The Australian Agricultural Technology Sector is considered one of the best in the world. Australian universities, research institutes and many companies are working on developing technology with exceptional commercial potential for the purposes of applying new digital technologies with the aim of rapidly improving them and making them more effective for the various stages of the agricultural production. Experts in this field are working on the development of technology (software and hardware technology) for agricultural arable land.
  • Financial Technology (Fin Tech) – The Financial Technology Sector uses innovation to provide the best possible financial services. It refers to any application of technology in financial services to develop or improve a product or service. This sector has evolved from the inception of the first ATM to the ability to define the various financial service designs required since the 2007/2008 economic crisis.
  • Medical Technology (Med Tech) – The Medical Technology Sector uses technology to assist doctors and patients in the production of new medical devices, aids, remedies, materials, implants, whether for the purpose of a medical treatment or diagnostics.
  • Cyber ​​Security – Electronic security is dealing with defending computers, servers, mobile phones, electronic systems, networks and information against malicious attacks. This sector covers a wide range of occupations in various sectors such as network security, software and hardware security, information transfer or storage, operational security, disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Energy and Mining (Energy and Mining Technology) – The Energy and Mining Sector is responsible for delivering affordable, reliable and safe energy supplies to the national market. It covers services related to various activities such as the production of mining equipment, the provision of engineering and environmental services, as well as the development of research in the fields of geology, mining engineering and metallurgy.
  • Space and Advanced Manufacturing – The Australian Space and Advanced Manufacturing Sector is using the latest technology to develop the advanced satellite infrastructure. It includes the production of robotics, automation, advanced materials, artificial intelligence and machine learning, nanotechnology and biotechnology.
  • Quantum Information, Advanced Digital Technology, Data Science and ICT – Information and Communications Technology – This sector studies how information can be processed using quantum techniques, including cryptography, coding, teleporting, statistics dealing with sorting and analysing information from different sources using algorithms and statistical analyses. It also focuses on ICT that encompasses a large range of services and products, mainly related to the Internet, wireless networks, mobile parts and other means of communication.

Fast-tracked process of obtaining permanent residence

Under the new program, selected candidates in the aforementioned industries will be enabled to go through the faster process of obtaining permanent residency rights.

Applicants will also have a contact person at the Ministry of the Internal Affairs, who will guide them throughout the whole process. Their applications will have a priority processing.


Candidates are expected to be able to earn incomes at or above the level of AUD$148,700, which is set annually every 1 July.

In the process of evaluating whether a candidate can meet the salary requirement, the following circumstances will be considered:

  1. Current earnings through contracts or payslips;
  2. Future job offers that provide at least the minimum amount indicated; or
  3. Grades in recent master or PhD studies.

For more information, please, check this link.

Nomination for application

When applying for a Global Talent Visa, you will need to be supported by a nominee who has a nationally recognised reputation in the same industry as you.

The nominee must be an Australian citizen or a member of an Australian organisation certifying your expertise.

Visa application

If you are applying offshore then you should lodge the visa application for Subclass 124 Distinguished Talent visa, and for onshore applications, the adequate visa type is Subclass 858 Distinguished Talent visa.

You can contact us to schedule a consultation where we can check if you meet all the requirements for this visa type or any other visa type, as well as to guide you through the process. Feel free to contact us on our available contacts or by filling out our questionnaire.

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