New Year’s Celebration in Australia sounds good? Hurry up with your visa application!


If you would like to spend New Year’s Eve in Australia, then hurry up with your visa applcation! The longer you postpone the process of applying, the lower your chances are to get the visa on time.

If you go to Australia for the New Year’s celebration, then you need to apply for visitor visa. There are different types of visitor visa, therefore we invite you to read our article and find out what visa type would be the best for you and how much time approximatelly it takes for the visa to be processed.

Visitor Visa – Subclass 601

Visitor Visa Subclass 601 is also known as ETA Visa (Electronic Travel Authority Visa). You may apply for this visa type only if you are a holder of passport from certain country and then the process is very simplified, whereas the visa is issued almost automatically. The list of the countries that are allowed to apply for this visa type is here:

Visitor Visa – Subclass 651

Just like in the case of Subclass 601, it is neccessary to hold a passport of certain country to be able to apply for the Visitor Visa Subclass 651. The list of the countries is available here:

This type of visa can be granted in two or three days, but it will not be automatically approved like visa 601. Your speicifc circumstances matter, whether you have a job, where you live and work, etc. If your case is somewhat more complex, then you can wait for visa up to one month, sometimes even two, dependng on the time when the application was lodged.

Visitor Visa – Subclass 600

If you are not a holder of passport from any of the above listed countries or you want visa to be granted for a period longer than 3 months, then you must apply for Subclass 600. The processing time of this visa type is couple of weeks, but during a “rush hour” periods, it can take even one or two months, especially if you didn’t attach all the required documents when applying.

It is of utmost importance to show in your application that at some point you will have to come back to your country because of your job, studies, family, properties, etc.

Visa costs

Application costs for Subclass 600 are 140 AUD per person. If you decide to travel with your family members or friends, please, note that they will have to apply separately and pay the same price. For example, a family of four will pay 560 AUD. Costs for Subclass 601 are 20 AUD, while Subclass 651 is free of charge.

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Vera Radisavljevic

Solicitor and Registered Migration Agent
MARN 1681254

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