Requirements for Australian Student Visa


Studying abroad changes people’s lives forever and has a big impact on their future professional development. Studying in Australia sounds like an exciting idea, but you wonder how to make your idea come true.

Student Visa Subclass 500 gives you the opportunity to study full-time in Australia in a recognised educational institution. Once the visa is granted, it allows you to stay in Australia up to five years. Costs of issuing visa may vary, but they usually start from 575 AUD.

In order to get visa and open the new chapter in your life there are certain requirements you must fulfill.


Eligibility criteria are very clear. You must:

  •         be at least six years of age;
  •      have been accepted to study full-time at an educational institution in Australia;
  •         have health insurance;
  •        have organised appropriate welfare arrangements for your stay in Australia if you are under 18 years of age.


Let’s go through all the requirements that you have to meet.

1. Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment Certificate (eCoE)

Being enrolled full-time at an educational institution is not only a requirement, but also eligibility criteria, meaning that if you are not enrolled at the moment you are applying for a visa, chances you get the visa are very low. To prove that you are enrolled you need to attach Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment Certificate (eCoE) for each intended course of study. This document is issued by an educational provider after a student accepts their offer and pays part or whole course. For offshore students it is advisable to pay the full course before obtaining eCoE. Note that under certain circumstances, eCoE can be omitted from your application, but then you need to attach the substitute document.

2. Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)

The officer from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection who is assessing your application will consider whether the individual circumstances show that you have the intention to stay temporarily in Australia. You need to provide a statement of purpose where you need to explain your plans and reasons for studying in Australia. We assist our clients with preparation of this statement.

3. Sufficient funds

You need to show to have sufficient funds to support yourself. The required amount is 20,290 AUD for living costs. Above that, you need to have sufficinet funds to pay your course that may vary from 5,500 AUD per year onwards, and your travel expenses which are 2,000 AUD if you are outside of Australia or 1,000 AUD if you are in Australia at the time of your student visa application lodgement.

4. English Language Proficiency

You can reduce risk of refusal if you show that you have advanced level of English language. English language proficiency has to be provided and there is a minimum score on an internationally recognised English test that will be accepted. This does not apply in case you want to study English course (ELICOS).

5. Health and Character Requirements

As part of the visa application process you will have to undergo health examination and answer some character related questions.

6. Overseas Student Visa Health Cover (OSHC)

OSHC provides medical and hospital insurance. The cost is around 450 AUD for one year and a single person.

Useful information

  •        This visa also lets your eligible family members to accompany you to Australia and in that case estimated costs of application will be higher and the application process a bit more complex.
  •        Both you and your family member(s) may be eligible to work while in Australia, but you will need to comply with the work conditions for student visa holders.
  •       It is possible to apply for a student visa if you are already a holder of certain types of visa. Therefore you may apply for a student visa when you are in or outside Australia.
  •         For certain reasons, you can extend your stay in Australia, but only before your student visa expires and unless you have a ‘No Further Stay’ condition (8534 or 8535) on your current student visa or this restriction has been waived.

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Vera Radisavljevic

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