Tourist Visa for Australia Subclass 600


You are planning to come to Australia for holidays, sightseeing, to visit friends or relatives, or for business purposes.

Find out important details about Tourist Visa Subclass 600 before applying!

Visitor visa Subclass 600

The processing time for Subclass 600 depends on the purpose of your stay, but in average it takes about a month for a visa to be issued if you are coming as a tourist. If you apply during a busy time of year, it can take up to two months for the visa to be processed. If the purpose of your stay is business, then your visa can be issued within a couple of days.

Showing eligibility is crucial 

You want to travel to Australia only to visit a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, close or distant relative and go back to your country. However, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection wants to see, based on documents provided that you have sufficient ties to your country.

It is preferable to show that you either work or study or have commitments because of which you must return to your country. You also need to show to have sufficient funds for your travel which cannot be satisfied with a simple deposit on an account two days before you lodge your application.

For many people from high risk countries who are employed, but receive their salary in cash, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to get a visitor visa.

This may also be the case with young people who work and are paid via bank transfer, but since they often have very modest salary, it may be found that they do not have sufficient reason to return to their country and therefore they receive refusal for their visitor visa application.

Having a partner or children can help your application, but usually job commitments are the most important factor as well as documents provided by employers.

Avoid “rush hour” for visitor visas subclass 600

If you wish to visit Australia during European winter, especially during Christmas and New Year holidays, when it is summer in Australia, apply before the busy period starts. The rush hour for visitor visas starts around late September, early October.

Best type of visitor visa to apply for

You always have an option to apply earlier in the year and get a visitor visa which can be used within a year of its issuance. That would give you a plenty of time to find the best air ticket deals and to plan your trip accordingly.

The application charge

The application charge for visitor visa is $140 per person. Meaning that if a family of four wants to apply, it will cost $560.

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