What is a visa assessment for Australia?


If you would like an immigration advice about the procedure and your options for any type of visa you may apply for, we strongly recommend you to do a visa assessment.

First steps

Before you start with preparation of the required documents, the first step should always be a visa assessment. By going through the process of visa assessment you can save a lot of money and time, especially if in the future you decide to work on your visa without any professional assistance.

There are many details related to different qualifications and occupations that people who are not professionals in the field of migration law simply do not know, either because the information is not publicly available or because the published information is not always correct. Therefore, it is recommended to do the visa assessment which typically makes our clients realise that they would have made terrible and usually irreversibile mistakes if they had worked on their visa by themselves.

Visa assessment

Visa assessment is a service provided by the registered migration agent and it consists of the following:

1. Review of all the documents you provide such as resume (CV), work references, qualifications, academic transcripts, etc. The more documents you provide us with, the better will be our understanding of your situation and we would be able to give you more precise advice.

2. Advice about skilled occupation you should nominate based on your qualifications and work experience.

3. Advice about your prospects to get a positive skills assessment from assessing authorities.

4. Review of eligibility for a skills assessment with the relevant assessing body.

5. If you are not eligibile for a particular type of Australian visa, we will advise ways or further actions to be taken in order to become eligible.

6. Advice on what type of visa would be the most suitable for you, not only costs-wise, but also regarding the rights you may get with that type of visa (education for children, health care, work permits, etc.).

Note: There are no refunds if you are not eligible for particular type of visa, because the costs are not based on your eligibility, but on time spent providing you the service and skills needed in order to give you the most suitable advice.

Visa assessment does not include:

1. a guarantee that you will get a visa;

2. a visa itself – visa assessment is not a visa application, it’s only an immigration assistance.

How to make an appointment for the visa assessment?

We advise you to reach us at info@baxvel.com and we will send you a questionnaire to fill out in order to give you the preliminary view of your prospects to secure a visa. Preliminary view is not the same as visa assessment and it is not an immigration advice, it is just our opinion based on information we can see in the questionnaire.

In case a person is not meeting all the requirements for certain type of visa, we may give him/her advice about what he/she should be working on in the future to be able to meet the requirements. However, some people might be strongly determined to apply only for that particular type of visa even though they do not meet the requirements. In that case we will be honest with him/her, but at the end it is up to the person to bring the final decision.


If you already know what are your options and you are already working on your visa application, but you only need a migration agent to check if everything is according to the established protocols, you may schedule a consultation meeting on any of the avilable contacts. Consultations can be arranged online or via phone, as well. Payment can be made by credit card, international transfer or within Australia transfer.

Should you need assistance with any type of visa for Australia, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be at your disposal on info@baxvel.com or any other contact you may find on our webiste.

Vera Radisavljevic

Solicitor and Registered Migration Agent
MARN 1681254

Disclaimer: Your use of the above text or the receipt of any information from this article or website www.baxvel.com is not intended to create nor does it create a solicitor (migration agent) – client relationship between you and the writer (Vera Radisavljevic and/or Baxvel Pty Ltd) and it is not a legal/immigration advice. 

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