What is the best visa to get if you want to migrate to Australia?


The answer is definitely – Skilled Independent Visa 189.

If you are granted Skilled Independent Visa 189  which is a permanent residence visa you can:

  1. Stay in Australia indefinitely;
  2. Work unlimited hours and live anywhere in Australia;
  3. Study anywhere in Australia;
  4. You have the right to use publicly funded health and hospital services (Enrol in Medicare and get a Medicare card);
  5. Travel to and from Australia for five years from the date the visa is granted. After five years, you will need a resident return visa or another type of visa to return to Australia.

As a new arrival and permanent resident, you may be entitled to some government payments and services.

If you have a child in care, based on your family circumstances and income, you may be eligible for the following payments from the moment you enter the country and become permanent resident:

  1. Family Tax Benefit Part A – for parents or carers to help with the cost of raising children;
  2. Family Tax Benefit Part B – for single income families, single parents and non-parent carers as grandparents or great grandparents;
  3. Child Care Benefit – assistance with the cost of child care;
  4. Child Care Rebate – to cover 50% of out of pocket child care expenses.

However, the Skilled Occupation List for this visa is much shorter than for other visas and therefore it is harder to meet the requirements. It is also required to have 60 points without being nominated by Australian government or any of its states.

To see the current list effective from 1 July 2016, click on the link below:



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Vera Radisavljevic

Solicitor and Registered Migration Agent
MARN 1681254

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