What documents need to be translated?

When applying for a visa, it is required to attach various documentation that is selected based on your circumstances.

These are usually different personal documents, certificates, confirmations, diplomas and others. All documents should be translated into English so that the original with the translation is delivered to the Australian Department of Home Affairs.


We can do a translation for you

We can save you time and money by offering you the services of translating all the necessary documentation. The experience we have in translating such documents can ease the whole process of applying for a visa.

Our translations are always verified by the seal of the Registered Migration Agent in accordance with the Code of Conduct.


Important notes

Please, note that we cannot provide a translation into English from all languages.

The costs of translation of documents written in some languages are typically included in our Full Service while during Consultations we can review your documentation and tell you what needs to be translated and attached with your visa application.

However, in case we cannot provide translation from the given language, you will be notified on time and advised accordingly what documents should be translated.

If you hire us only for translation services, the translation will be charged depending on the amount of material.

You can read more about our services in Our offer.

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