What is a Consultation?

A consultation is your scheduled appointment when you can discuss your visa options for Australia and chances to have a particular type of visa granted with our Registered Migration Agent MARN 1681254 and Solicitor Vera Radisavljevic.

Recommended time for the consultation is one hour, but we also offer 30-minute appointments if you have some quick questions, additional questions or need concrete help with some matter.

Consultations can be done online via Skype, Viber or WhatsApp or at our office in Brisbane.

Types of Consultations

Make sure to choose the right format of consultations before making an appointment.

We offer the following:

  1. 1 hour of Online Consultation with Vera Radisavljevic – 250 AUD$
  2. 30 minutes of Online Consultation with Vera Radisavljevic – 150 AUD$
  3. 1 hour of Office Consultation with Vera Radisavljevic – 250 AUD$
  4. 30 minutes of Office Consultation with Vera Radisavljevic – 150 AUD$

Both online and offline consultations include the following:

  • advice on your  visa  options  adapted  to  your  circumstances  of  which  the agent  was  informed previously through your conversation and review of your documentation;
  • overview  of all  procedures  and  phases  of  application  for  a  particular  type  of  visa, including eligibility requirements and visa conditions;
  • advice  on  your  chances to  get  the  visa  granted or advice  on  your  chances  to  successfully go through certain preparation stages;
  • if you do not meet the eligibility requirements for a specific Australian visa, the agent can give you advice on ways or further steps you need to take to become eligible to apply for an Australian visa.

After the consultations, you will receive notes containing your visa options suggested by the agent that summarise your consultation.

Consultations do not include:

  • visa itself – maybe your visa will be granted later, but consultation does not mean applying for a visa, because it is advice on your options;
  • filling out forms or applications for you;
  • guarantee that you will be granted a visa.

We offer consultations to other registered migration agents for detailed and more complex cases.

We also assist clients who have had their visa cancelled, refused or want to submit decision reviews to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or ask for Minister’s Intervention and other complex matters.

Notice: The consultation fee must be paid before the consultation and after you have chosen your suitable date and time. We cannot refund the money if we find that you are not qualified for a specific visa, because the costs of our services are not based on your eligibility, but on the time spent in providing the service and on the skills and knowledge needed to provide you with the most suitable advice.

Why choose consultation?

This service is available to anyone who wants to receive professional advice and opinion from a Registered Migration Agent in order to know their visa options and get specific advice for their particular circumstances.

You can prepare certain documentation for consultations that you consider relevant or appropriate to the agent’s proposal.

Full service after consultation

In some cases, if after consultation with the agent you decide that you want to hire us for the full service, then we will reduce the cost of the full service for the price of consultation you have already paid.

To book and pay for your consultation, please, follow the next steps:

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