Full Service

What is a Full Service?

If you choose a Full Service our Registered Migration Agent takes over your case completely and represents you before the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

We provide Full Service for all Visa Types.

This service includes:

  • Unlimited consultation time prior to the lodgment of visa application, during the preparation phase and after visa application lodgement, until the visa decision is being issued
  • Advising clients about their options and communication with the client live and/or via the Internet in order to obtain all the necessary information and documentation
  • Preparation and check of visa application and supporting documents
  • Communication with the Australian Department of Home Affairs if needed
  • Informing client on visa decision and explaining the visa conditions to the clients


Why choose Full Service

This service is suitable for anyone who wants to have professional assistance in preparing their visa application. By choosing the Full Service you can save your time and be assured that everything is done properly and without mistakes. Therefore, the service is available for anyone who wants to reduce their chances of being refused to a minimum with a well-prepared application by the agent.

It is in the applicant’s interest to hire a Registered Migration Agent whenever it is possible, so we always recommend the Full Service.

Not only the Full Service is suitable for preparation of complex visa types, such as work, business or partner visas, but it is also recommendable to the applicants who have previously been refused a visa.

If you choose this service, we will do everything we can for you in order to save your time in preparing the application and documents.


Full Service limitations

This service has no limitations, and our help and support are at the client’s disposal from initial consultations until the decision on a  visa is being issued.

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