Do-It-Yourself Check

What is a DIY Check?

In order to meet the different needs of our clients and enable them to get professional assistance even if they work alone on their visa applications, we offer a Do-It-Yourself Check as one of our services.

A DIY Check is available for all types of visas. For more complex visas such as partner, work and business visas, checking the documents may take more than an hour due to the amount of data and documents. In this case, our services will be charged per hour. Please note that the check of documentation for partner and work visa may take 3 hours and longer depending on the case.

For some visa applications, a one-hour check is sufficient and it can be finished during the appointment with a Registered Migration Agent via phone, Internet or in our office.

During the meeting, you can ask the agent questions, bring the documentation that you have prepared and the visa application that you have filled out so that the agent can check every detail and give you the right advice on whether everything is correct and what you need to improve or change.


Why choose DIY Check

Our recommendation is to seek professional assistance before lodging a visa application, because mistakes you make in your work, which are sometimes expected due to a lack of experience in these matters, can lead to refusals or can limit your options in the future.

Please, note that if you choose a DIY Check, our Registered Migration Agent can not represent you nor to prepare the necessary documentation for you.

You should come to the appointment with an agent having the documentation ready for checking.


Full Service after DIY Check

In some cases, if after an appointment with an agent you decide that you do not want to lodge a visa application on your own and you want to hire us for the Full Service, then we will reduce the cost of the Full Service by the amount already paid for the DIY Check and take over the work on your case.

You can read more about Consultation service here.

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