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About Baxvel Company

Baxvel Company provides immigration assistance for all types of visas for Australia and in general supports its clients in all migration matters.

Baxvel was founded in 2016 when it was registered in Australia as Baxvel Pty Ltd, and in June 2018 it was registered also in Serbia as Baxvel doo Belgrade.

Today, Baxvel operates in Serbia and Australia, but provides its services to citizens from all around the world who intend to either visit Australia, study in Australia, live and work in Australia, or run their business in Australia.

Mission, vision and values

Our mission is to act in the legitimate interests of our clients by providing them with an adequate, on-time and genuine service, ensuring high level of confidentiality and no conflict of interest. We perceive our work as a team work with our clients to whom we are deeply committed.

We strive to connect people and provide them with immigration assistance in order to make their wishes, plans and dreams come true.

We sign a client agreement with our clients and commit ourselves to be honest in presenting their chances for having a visa granted or regarding other immigration issues, as required by the Code of Conduct and the Consumer Guide.

We provide our services to all clients regardless of their citizenship, origin, nationality, religion or any other personal preferences. We expect honesty and trust from our clients so that we can represent them. We believe that openness, patience and good communication are the basis of our cooperation.

Baxvel services

Baxvel Company offers:

  • immigration assistance for all types of visas, which includes the preparation of visa applications and all necessary documents
  • consultation and advice on visa options and visa matters for all types of visas for Australia
  • preparation of procedures for representing clients before a court or other authorised body, in connection with their visa applications or other immigration matters

assistance with preparatory phases for a work visa such as Skills assessment, Recognition of Prior Learning, Expression of Interest, etc.

Baxvel Company does not provide the following:

  • issue of free visas to clients
  • guarantee that the visa will be granted to the client
  • funding clients’ trips and covering their expenses related to visa application
  • finding jobs for clients
  • finding an employer or a sponsor for a client
  • funding clients’ studies or providing scholarships for studies.

For more information about our services, please, visit Our offer.

About us 1

Vera Radisavljevic

The founder and director of Baxvel Company is Vera Radisavljevic, Australian Solicitor, Registered Migration Agent MARN 1681254 and Education Agent QEAC no. L202.

Vera Radisavljevic obtained a Bachelor Degree in Law at the University of Belgrade in 2004. After few years of active work, in 2008 she moved to Australia with her family based on the qualifications of her spouse. Vera attended an English language course in Australia and obtained a Graduate Diploma at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. In 2015 Vera was admitted as a Solicitor in Australia’s Supreme Court of Queensland becoming also a New Zealand Solicitor.

Since 18 June 2018, Vera is based in Serbia and works for her Australian company Baxvel Pty Ltd and Serbian company Baxvel Doo Beograd, respectively.

Vera speaks Serbian and English fluently, and French at the intermediate level.

You can read Vera’s detailed biography on her LinkedIn profile.

You can find more information about Vera’s registration as a Migration Agent here.

For details on Vera’s registration as an Education Agent check here.

Baxvel team

Baxvel Team works under the supervision of Vera Radisavljevic, the main Registered Migration Agent of the Baxvel company. The Baxvel Team is committed to providing a fast and efficient service based on the open communication and trust, which is in accordance with our license and mission, vision and values.

About us 2

Vera Radisavljevic

Director Baxvel Doo Belgrade Registered Migration Agent MARN 1681254

Education Agent QEAC L202

Australian Solicitor BA in Law Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

Vera speaks Serbian and English language fluently, and the French language at the intermediate level.

About us 3

Ljiljana Sorban

Director Baxvel Pty Ltd

Education agent QEAC N024

Certified Accountant

Ljiljana speaks Serbian and English language fluently.

About us 4

Marija Papic

Office Manager

BA in Spanish language

MA in Educational Policy

Marija speaks Serbian, English and Spanish language fluently, and Russian language at beginner level.

Registered Migration Agent

Who are Registered Migration Agents?

A Registered Migration Agent must be a person of integrity that has sufficient knowledge of Migration Law and Procedures in order to provide immigration assistance and advice. Only agents registered at the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) can provide you with immigration assistance in Australia and charge for their services.

There are Australian Registered Migration Agents working all around the world. They comply with the same Code of Conduct and regulations as Registered Migration Agents who are based in Australia. Accordingly, if you choose a Registered Migration Agent who is based outside Australia, you will be protected the same way.

Vera Radisavljevic is the only Registered Migration Agent operating on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, as well as in majority of former Yugoslavian countries. Vera Radisavljevic offers her assistance to the citizens worldwide.

The advantages of hiring a Registered Migration Agent

Registered Migration Agents can advise you about visa options, provide assistance in lodging a visa application, advise you on a particular type of visa.

Registered Migration Agents cannot guarantee that you will get a visa. They can give you advice if you are eligible to apply for a visa, tell your chances for getting your visa granted and assist you with preparation of documents.

Only the Department of Home Affairs is authorised to make decisions about visa applications. However, an Agent can communicate with the Australian Embassy and the Department of Home Affairs if necessary or represent and prepare proceedings before a court or other authority on your behalf regarding any visa matter.

It can be very helpful to hire a Registered Migration Agent, because they are highly experienced and qualified to provide professional assistance, especially if you take into consideration that the Australian visa system can be very complex and the regulations, requirements and rules are often hard to understand.

A Registered Migration Agent can explain which options you have and prepare all required documents for your visa application.

For details on Vera’s registration as a Registered Migration Agent see here.

For more information about our services, please, visit Our offer.

Education Agent

Education Agents are certified agents and counsellors who help international students enrol into Australian educational institutions.

When enroling into an Australian educational institution, a student can choose to enrol individually or hire an Education Agent who will provide him with professional advice, guide him through the entire process and help with enrolment process.

Educational institutions always recommend students to enrol their studies through an Education Agent, while most institutions only accept student enrolment with an agent. Education Agents have the necessary knowledge of procedures and have experience in cooperation with various institutions. Therefore, they can give you an adequate advice on what documentation you need and how to quickly and easily meet all administrative requirements.

Education Agents can also help you to:

  • check whether you meet all the requirements for a particular school or course
  • find the most suitable educational institution and programme for you
  • communicate with educational institutions
  • assist in the collection and preparation of all necessary documentation for your student visa application.

Education Agents have completed a recognised training course, so they have wide knowledge of the Australian education system, and have all the necessary skills to help students, taking into account all their circumstances. Read more about the course here.

You can see the list of qualified Education Agents here.

In our team we have two Education Agents – Vera Radisavljevic QEAC L202 who works from Serbia and Ljiljana Sorban N024 who works from Australia. Our Education Agents can give you the best advice and help you with enrolment and communication with educational institutions.

  1. Vera Radisavljevic
    QEAC no. L202

As a Registered Migration Agent MARN 1681254 and an Australian Solicitor, Vera can also advise you on visa matters and check your eligibility for a Student visa.

  1. Ljiljana Sorban
    QEAC no. N024

For more information about our services, please, visit Our offer.

For more information on Student visa for Australia, please, visit Student Visa 500 and Student Guardian Visa 590.

For more information about the enrolment process, please, read Study Enrolment.


Why choose us

Our professionalism, dedication to each client and individual approach to every visa application positively reflect on our business and performance.

We operate in accordance with our mission, vision and values and our primary goal is the satisfaction of our clients. Having a direct and constant communication with our clients, we work on increasing their chances for having a visa granted and do our best to respond to their needs with the aim of making their plans, wishes and dreams come true.

By requesting our professional services you get much more.

We are always up-to-date

Due to the vast knowledge about Australian Migration Law and membership in numerous relevant migration institutions, our Registered Migration Agent, who is also an Australian Solicitor, always has the access to updated information and therefore can give you the adequate immigration advice adapted to your circumstances.

We have a license for our work

In addition to the aforementioned, Baxvel Company also has qualified Education Agents. If you are applying for a Student visa for Australia, you can get an advice from a qualified Education Agent and a Registered Migration Agent who can assist you in the enrolment process, while also checking your eligibility for a student visa, giving you the right advice on how to prepare the application and documentation properly.

We favour an individual approach

We offer many types of services, because we want to adapt to the needs and capacities of our clients so that they can always get professional assistance and prepare their visa application and documentation properly. Before starting the work on a particular case, we agree with the client about the price of our services and we sign a client agreement. In this way, you will always know what services are included in the price and you will be able to plan your costs accordingly.

We offer flexibility

Even if you are not located in Serbia or Australia, we can help you, because our work and communication can be completed online, without having to meet physically, although a live meeting is always possible if there is an opportunity. Our Registered Migration Agent works in Belgrade office which is located in the same building as the Embassy of Australia in Belgrade. If needed, our clients can easily, in one place, finish all the duties. All our employees speak English and Serbian fluently, and we we are also open to communication in Spanish and Italian.

For more information about our services, please, read Our offer.

Feel free to fill out the form for more information or contact us using some of available contacts.

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