Courses in Australia on Special Offer!


Now is the right time to undertake some of the available courses in Australia, because many of them are on special offer!

Australia is one of the most popular destinations world-wide when it comes to education. There are numerous courses available in different cities and institutions across Australia. Choosing the right course not only helps you extend your knowledge and experience, but can also have a huge impact on your future life!

Courses on Special Promotion 

Special promotion is valid only till 30 November 2018 and it includes many courses in Sydney area such as:

  •          Programming
  •      Software Development
  •         Business
  •        Leadership and Management
  •        Tourism
  •        Travel and Tourism Management
  •          Commercial Cookery
  •          Hospitality Management

Most of the courses last for either 52 weeks (40 study + 12 break) or 78 weeks (60 study + 18 break), with the exception of Tourism course that lasts for 26 weeks (20 study + 6 break).


Prices may vary depending on whether you apply for the course outside Australia (offshore applicant) or while you are in Australia (onshore applicant).

For offshore applicants prices are in the range of 2.800 AUD – 8.400 AUD, while the Commercial Cookery course is 15.500 AUD.

For onshore applicants prices are in the range of 2.700 AUD – 7.800 AUD, while again the Commercial Cookery course is 14.500 AUD.

Vocational Education & Training

Great news is that we can also offer some VET courses that are on special offer, but only if you apply before 31 December 2018. Courses take place in either Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney.

VET courses on special offer are:

  • Customer Engagement
  • Business
  • International Trade
  • Communications
  • International Business
  • Leadership and Management
  • Project Management.


Prices vary depending on the place of studying and duration of the courses. For the courses up to 34 weeks the prices are in the range of 2.600 AUD – 2.800 AUD; for the courses up to 64 weeks the prices are in the range of 5.200 AUD – 5.600 AUD, and for the courses up to 98 weeks you pay 7,800 AUD as a minimum price, or 8,400 AUD as a maximum price.

Please, note that the prices above are only prices for the courses, and they do not include any additional costs such as visa costs or other costs you may have when applying for a study period in Australia.

New Option for Skilled Migration Visa

Perth, Western Australia


Another news is that from now on the new Graduate Stream of Skilled Migration Visa is available for Western Australian State Nomination. It means that you may be eligible to apply for Skilled Migration Visa if you have completed at least two years of full time study in Western Australia at a Western Australian university and if your occupation is on the list.

To check if your occupation is on the list, click here and follow the GOL list (Graduate Occupation List).

For more information, please, visit the following page: or read our article New Option for Skilled Migration Visa for Western Australia.

If you need help with choosing the right course and getting the advice suitable for your circumstances, please, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer you advise on the study course and we can help you enrole a desired course. For more information about student visas, read the following article Requirements for Australian Student Visa.

Once you are accepted for a certain course, we can assist you in applying for the student visa, too.

We will be at your disposal on or any other contact you may find on our website.

Vera Radisavljevic

Solicitor and Registered Migration Agent
MARN 1681254

Disclaimer: Your use of the above text or the receipt of any information from this article or website is not intended to create nor does it create a solicitor (migration agent) – client relationship between you and the writer (Vera Radisavljevic and/or Baxvel Pty Ltd) and it is not a legal/immigration advice.


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