(Non) Working Visa for Australia

Non working visa for Australia

Are you ambitious and ready for new experiences? If you want to acquire professional development within your industry, this type of visa is for you.

Training visa for Australia Subclass 407

Training visa for Australia subclass 407 is a visa for people who wish to participate in a training program within the work environment, improve business skills, gain work experience or advance professionally in their field of work.

Training visa for Australia 407 enables graduates to have a paid or volunteering internship during the period of 30 hours a week as a minimum or more.

Issuing period and travelling overseas

Training visa 407 is a temporary visa. It can be issued for a period of up to two years. This type of visa is not classified as a working visa by the Department of Home Affairs.

Holders of this type of visa are allowed to exit and enter Australia as many times as they want, as long as their visa is valid. Application for Australian training visa subclass 407 may be lodged either onshore or overseas.

Application processing period for a training visa

Processing time for Training visa 407 applications for Australia at the time of writing this article is 90 days for applications in 75% of cases and up to 4 months for applications in 90% of cases.

This process may take longer if:

  • you fail to complete the application correctly;
  • do not provide all the necessary documents or need to provide additional information to the Department of Home Affairs;
  • your information must be verified.

Eligibility requirements for a training visa              

To obtain this visa for Australia, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. you have been sponsored;
  2. you have been nominated (unless your sponsor is a Commonwealth Government agency) – nomination is a phase in the process of obtaining a training visa, which requires the sponsor to provide information about the trainee,  mention the reasons and explain the training program;
  3. you have been invited (if your sponsor is a Commonwealth Government agency);
  4. you are at least 18 years old or older at the time of the visa issuance;
  5. you need to show that you have sufficient financial resources to support yourself and family members who will join you, while you are in Australia.

Types of trainings

There are three types of training for which this visa is used:

  1. the training for registration purposes – occupational registration, membership or licensing that is necessary to work in the given occupation in Australia or your home country;
  2. the training for professional development for people with a particular occupation;
  3. the training for skills acquired overseas – this training is supported by the government agency in Australia or the Government in the home country of the nominated trainee and the support must be at the national or state/territory level. This training enables professional development, intended for professional employees.

For certain occupations in catering and nursing, we can offer you our service for finding an internship.

Required level of English

The main visa holder is required to have a functional level of English.

This means:

  • you are a citizen and hold a valid passport of one of the following countries: United Kingdom, USA, Canada, New Zealand or the Republic of Ireland; or
  • that the Australian Adult Migrant English Program has assessed your English language skills as functional; or
  • you have a degree or equivalent certificate from an institution onshore or overseas, which requires a minimum of two years of study and all the classes are in English; or
  • you attended one of the institutions listed in the following link; or
  • you have completed the world-recognized English language test (IELTS, TOEFL iBT, PTE Academic, CAE) during the twelve months before applying for a visa.

Family members

Family members of a training visa holder may be included in the visa application. Also, family members can apply later and join the visa holder.

Family members must also, as well as the main holder of the training visa, meet health and character requirements.

Health Insurance for Australia

You need to have adequate health insurance, and the same applies for your family members. If you purchase health insurance with us you can get a significant discount.

We suggest you visit the section about health insurance for Australia on our website for more information.

Some countries have reciprocal health insurance agreements with Australia. Citizens that have a valid passport from these countries need to submit proof of reciprocal agreement.

Application costs for a training visa for Australia

At the time of writing this article, the visa application fee for Australia is AUD$ 310 for the main visa holder. There is also a fee for each family member who joins the visa applicant.

Please, note that this fee may be different from what is written here. Please, visit the website of the Department of Home Affairs to check the correct price.

Change of sponsor for a training visa holders for Australia subclass 407

If you decide to change the organisation that trains you in Australia, you should be sponsored by that new organisation, and to do that, that organisation needs to submit a new nomination for you.

Once your new nomination has been granted, you can continue training with your new organisation during the visa validity period.

You do not need to apply for a new visa as long as you continue to be part of the training for the program for which your visa has been approved.

If the training program changes, you should apply for a new visa.

If your sponsor, or your training organisation, decides to terminate training with you, you should notify the Department of Home Affairs. You can also find another organisation to sponsor you.

If you want to apply for a new training visa for Australia Subclass 407, you need to show that you have sponsorship for a new visa. You also need to explain why you were not able to complete the training that was planned for the previous visa period.

Apply for a training visa for Australia onshore

If you are applying for a training visa while you are located in Australia, it is necessary that you are not a holder of:

  • Australian visa subclass 403 known as Temporary Work (International Relations) visa, which is for workers in the domestic sector, also known as the Domestic Worker (Diplomatic or Consular) Stream; or
  • Transit visa 771 for Australia; or
  • Special Purpose Visa for Australia that can be for various purposes such as for people with special status before the Australian Government.

Besides Training visa 407 for Australia, there are other visa options for recent graduates such as Skilled – Recognised Graduate visa subclass 476 or Temporary Graduate visa subclass 485. In case you do not meet the requirements for these two visa types, then a training visa might be suitable for you.

You can contact us to schedule a consultation so we can check if you meet all the requirements for Training visa 407 or any other visa type, as well as to guide you through the process. Feel free to contact us on our available contacts or schedule a consultation with our registered migration agent here, so we can have a better insight into your circumstances and properly evaluate your case.

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