New Option for Skilled Migration Visa for Western Australia


New Option for Skilled Migration Visa for Western Australia

New Graduate Stream of Skilled Migration Visa is now available for Western Australian State Nomination! Read our article to find out the latest opportunities you might benefit from!

If you completed at least two years of full time study in Western Australia State at a Western Australian university, you may be eligible to apply for the Graduate Stream, a new Skilled Migration Visa option.

Occupation lists

There are two types of occupation lists: Western Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List (WASMOL) and Graduate Occupation List (GOL).

Both lists can be found here:

The WAMASOL is available to applicants who wish to apply for the general stream, while GOL is intended for the ones who want to apply for the graduate stream.

The Pinnacles, Western Australia


Graduate Stream Requirements

In order to apply for Graduate Stream Visa, you also need to meet the minimum requirements for State nomination and additional requirements specific for this stream.

Minimum Requirements

You must:

  1. Meet Department of Home Affairs Requirements for the intended visa subclass: Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 or Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa Subclass 489;
  2. Meet English requirements;
  3. Demonstrate the minimum required work experience in a nominated occupation – if you hold a Masters or PhD degree, the work experience requirement is waived for your Western Australian State nomination under the Graduate Stream;
  4. Provide a contract of employment;
  5. Demonstrate sufficient settlement funds;
  6. Demonstrate study proof such as award certificate, along with transcripts clearly showing two years full time study in Western Australia.

Additional Requirements

Additional requirements refer to higher education qualification gained in Western Australia, including at least two years of full time study in Western Australia at a Western Australian university. Masters and PhD graduates have access to all occupations, while Bachelor and higher degree graduates (Bachelor Honours Degree, Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma) have access only to certain occupations from GOL list.

Please, note that the university qualification does not need to determine the occupation you want to nominate from the GOL list.

For more information, you may visit the following link:

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If you are considering to study at a Western Australia university we can help you with preparing the student visa. Read more about it in our article Requirements for Australian Student Visa.

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